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Bollywood Hip Hop Dance Beginners Program – 4 Weeks


Hip Hop Beginners Dance In Bollywood


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The Fame Lee Dance Training Centre
Bollywood Hip Hop Beginners Dance Training Course
This 4 week session will help you to become a hip hop dancer
Week 1:
1. Introduction to Hip Hop
2. Basic dance posture and body movements
3. Learn fundamental Hip Hop dance steps in Bollywood songs
4. Understanding rhythm and musicality in Bollywood music

Week 2:
5. Choreography routine
6. Focus on hip hop elements and grooves
7. Introduction to isolations and body waves
8. Learn to sync movements with different beats

Week 3:
9. Practice a mid-level Bollywood Hip Hop routine
10. Incorporating hip hop footwork
11. Enhancing body control and flexibility
12. Different choreography routine emphasizing fusion

Week 4:
13. Finalizing and polishing the routine
14. Performance preparation and confidence-building exercises
Agenda might change depending students skills and improvements
Throughout the program, emphasize the hip hop styles, encourage self-expression, and provide opportunities for creative exploration within the dance form.


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